the Doomcake

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19 January, 2013 by shortcaked

I like cake.  You probably like cake too.  Most people like cake; there’s not really anything about it not to like, unless you’re trying to actually make it past month one on a New Year’s Resolution and are beating your head against the wall over the fat/sugar/calories/death.

My dad takes love of cake to a new level.

To be fair; he loves all desserts to the extreme.  But whenever I make a cake it has to have a layer of THIS and a layer of THAT and if it doesn’t have a layer of SOMETHING ELSE, he makes sure to add it in when he takes his piece (this last one mostly applies to ice cream, which I have never even attempted to put in a cake).  For his birthday, I decided (partially out of spite) to make him the ultimate cake– and the Doomcake was born.

look at those layers!

look at those layers!

Don’t mind the crappy phone-photos; I’m a little limited in my photographic resources at the moment (read: I can’t remember where I put my camera down.  It’s in the house, I know it is.)  From bottom to top, the cake reads as follows: chocolate chip cookie, buttercream frosting, angel foodcake, butterscotch pastry cream, cake, pastry cream, peaches, cake, buttercream.  The only really intense thing about the process was the prep and assembly; I’ll post the chocolate chip cookie recipe at a later date (they’re otherworldly good, you’ll want them), but everywhere else I pretty much cheated.  The pastry cream is pretty standard, flavoured with a box of butterscotch pudding mix.  The buttercream is just buttercream.  And the cake (shhh) came out of a box, because I didn’t want to use all of my family’s eggs just for the whites.  (Permanent mental note: start keeping carton egg whites in the house, for situations just like this one.)

There it is!  Doomcake.  Expect more exciting process-overviews, quirkier stories, and (inevitably) better photography in the weeks to come.


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