Cooking in Bon Temps and some Real Hushed Puppies

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20 February, 2013 by shortcaked

Last week, this cookbook made it into my life.

Temporarily, anyway; it’s a library copy.  I wanted to dry-run it before succumbing to the voice in my head shouting ‘YOU NEED THIS’.  Mostly I was hoping that voice would be crushed by a much louder voice of reason, which I thought would counter with ‘no, B, you really don’t; how many geekery-based cookbooks do you really need?  Is the cheese factor of this one going to really make it worthwhile if the recipes also suck?’

But then I got it and actually started flipping through; they have Maxine Fortenberry’s potato-chip casserole, and Summer’s biscuits.  And Gran’s pecan pie.

I think it was the pie that sold it.  So that I TOO can sit, by myself, at a kitchen table sobbing over an entire half of a pie.

Anyway.  Last night I made my first True Blood Approved recipe: hush puppies, a recipe oddly enough written by Maryann.  (Maryann doesn’t strike me as the biggest advocate of deep fried anything, but I’m going to trust Alan Ball here.)

fried puppies

Ngggg hush puppies.  I haven’t had a hush puppy since my family went to North Carolina when I was ten.  And I’ve missed them, because news flash: deep fried cornmeal is just as delicious as it sounds.

No one seems to know where my gift for frying came from.  But I am a damn good fry-er.

No one seems to know where my gift for frying came from. But I am a damn good fry-er.

Minor modifications to Maryann’s recipe were understandably required.  The garlic and onion need to be stepped up to pack any real flavor, and not minced quite as fine as the recipe seems to think.  And I’m going to wait until summer to try this again, so I can chop up some fresh corn to mix into the batter for texture.



But it’s still an overall success for the True Blood Cookbook thusfar.  I think Summer’s biscuits are next on the menu, followed by Gran’s chess pie and Lafayette’s AIDS burger.

(So maybe it’s actually called the Brujo burger, but we all know what they meant.)


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