Creatures of Habit and Being a #Hipster

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28 February, 2013 by shortcaked

True story: New England is just about the most disgusting place on earth right now.

Seriously. Ew.

Seriously. Ew.

That was the view from my car window this morning.  And yes, I spent a good minute, minute and a half picking which Instagram filter would make it look the grossest.

Weather like this isn’t a new thing in NE, at all.  It’s actually pretty typical of this time of year.  It’s just…it’s really not the kind of weather anyone likes, ever.  It doesn’t look nice, it’s nasty to walk/drive/exist in, and it just makes everything feel like DOOM IS ENCROACHING.

(Which makes no sense, because all this rain means the snow is going to melt and it’ll be spring soon.  Logic; that is not what this is.)

I know I always feel very…bleh during this time of year.  Very hamster-in-a-wheel, to be cliché.  Almost like I’m just going through the motions of life waiting for the weather to not suck, which makes everything in the meantime feel super monotonous.

(The grey-ness of literally everything does. not. help.)

All this mono-weather got me thinking about routine.  We all HAVE routines about how to live our lives (otherwise we wouldn’t be people, like ever) and to the same extent, we have routines when it comes to what we eat (you know you do).  My boss mentioned a few weeks ago that he’s not really the kind of person to go out of his way to try new things when it comes to food, and that he’s a lot happier just eating the things he likes and getting on with life.  While I wouldn’t necessarily go that far (WHERE IS YOUR SENSE OF ADVENTURE, REED) I will admit that when it comes to food, at least meals 1 and 2, I am a creature of extreme habit.

And you know what?  That’s okay.  There is nothing wrong with being a creature of habit: it is a human thing.

So I’m going to add sarcastic commentary to my meals in the interest of making a semi-interesting post out of them.  And because I want to get a shamelessly bad photo post in before my new camera comes, I’m going to shamelessly Instagram the things I eat in a day, every day.


Anyway.  Breakfast: I come from a family of ass-crack-of-dawn early birds, so if I’m not up by 5 we have a problem.  I beat my sister awake and downstairs so I can get coffee and veg out with my puppy before she wakes up to ruin my morning quiet.

Yees, that is peanut butter and banana.

Yees, that is peanut butter and banana and a Pyramid Transnational mug.

Don’t worry; I eat the other half of the banana.  Who the hell wastes banana like that, c’mon.


See?  It’s in the oatmeal.  Along with almonds (yess) and walnuts (yessssss).  Plus cinnamon, nutmeg, and clove.  I’m really weird about how I make my oatmeal; it soaks overnight, then microwaved minus banana and nuts, microwaved plus banana and nuts, and then gets even more banana. I like bananas. PS.


Two part breakfast?  Yes, please.  This is as close to hobbit-dom as I can get on a daily basis, and I run with it: cottage cheese, half a peach, a strawberry, and a few grapes.  Because fruit and also protein.  Everyone likes fruit and also protein in the morning.

And if they don’t, they should.

MAGIC SPIRIT FINGERS OF TIME!  Welcome to 11:30, my lunch time.

Yes, I collaged.  We went there.

Yes, I collaged. We went there.

Plain, nonfat Greek yogurt (I already told you protein and I are pretty tight) becomes awesome with strawberries, chocolate chips, and crumbled Special K.  That half pear gets eaten, stem, seeds, and all.  And the carrots will last me until dinner.

When I get home around three, they met hummus and become great friends.

When I get home around three, they meet hummus and become great friends.

And that’s my daily food routine.  It probably makes me seem a lot more super anal and health conscious than I am, but I promise you..that is not the case.  This is just what’s easy to do in a day and keeps me going until dinner. It helps that I like all these things quite a bit, though.

And I dose myself with chocolate periodically, which makes work suck a lot, lot less.

Red Solo cup contains coffee, not alcohol.  Honest.

Red Solo cup contains coffee, not alcohol. Honest.


[Bee would like to add that the hipster who temporarily possessed her has been exercised and she’ll be back to normal tomorrow.]


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