Baking with Friends!

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3 March, 2013 by shortcaked

Ladies and gents, I would like to introduce you to a very special person.

margaretThis is Margaret, and she is my platonic sun and stars.  She is the Jeyne Poole to my Sansa, the corn-loving raven to my Jeor Mormont, the Reek to my Ramsay Bolton.

(Please note that not a single of those comparisons is accurate to either of us as people.  LEAST OF ALL REEK AND RAMSAY, if you ever meet anyone like Reek and Ramsay I advise you to run very far in the opposite direction– but I assure you I am like neither Reek nor Ramsay.  The point is, I like her quite a bit because we are friends.)

I met Margaret while working at my college’s library, where she interestingly enough also worked.  I think the awesome-switch clicked because she was wearing a Rock-Paper-Scissors-Lizard-Spock shirt the day I realized she was great, and the rest is history.  She has since become one of those people who I a) can blather at about just about anything and b) I will listen to any/all book recommendations from.

Case in point: Anne of Green Gables.  Read it, because it’s awesome.  It will make you think Canada is the single most idyllic place ever, and coming from someone who equates the whole of Canada with people like Alex Trebek who constantly try to throw their Canada in your face, that is saying something.


Apparently it’s spring break in the college universe (who knew!) and Margaret spent the weekend with me!  Yay on the counts of visitors, and also her lovely ginger head.  But mostly the fact that we FINALLY got to bake and cook in each others’ company, which is something we’ve been trying to do roughly since the time we became friends.

The whole weekend was planned around food, actually.  Starting with Friday-night pickup, which became a magical Chipotle adventure (being as how oddly neither of us had been, despite being in college and literally everyone loving Chipotle)

chipotle 2

It wasn’t until after we’d both unwrapped our burritos that we looked at the instructions on the napkins and realized that was a horrible idea. WHOOPS.

…before we returned to the homestead to talk about life and nerdy things and boy dramas and, er.  Get a little tipsy because somewhere along the line we both devolved into fifteen year old girls.

Saturday meant FINALLY BAKING, which led to peanut butter & jelly scones (trust me click that link and go read about them if you have any interest in meeting your drool-quota for the day).  And Saturday night led to driving into West Hartford (help, I hate West Hartford) and meeting up with a friend of ours at Noodles and Company.  Which I had never heard of, but was pretty alright.



I would show you the tiny little Ben and Jerry’s ice creams that we devoured while watching Gilmore Girls Saturday night, but.

We sort of devoured them.

Definitely go check out those scones, and have a lovely Sunday!  What was your biggest food-adventure of the weekend?


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